One frequency in the borrelia burgdorferi made me feel much better the next day. I have run other sets where I got the herx reaction the next day. If I am killing the bacteria, then why wouldn't I herx with every set?

If we carry pathogens that respond to different frequencies, these various pathogens are affecting our systems to different degrees and in different ways. There may be one pathogen that you are heavily infested with, and hitting the frequency of that pathogen thus causes a herx. However there may be another pathogen that you are just lightly infested with, that when you hit that frequency – no herx; just “feel better, more energy, etc.” – and we can add to this that it’s not just a case of more or less or x,y,z pathogen, but also the dynamics of their character. Some pathogens may be plentiful, but not that destructive. Others can be very powerful, even in smaller numbers. So; different pathogens, different frequencies = different effects.

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