While doing a feedback sessions, I have noted that when I move or even sallow it can increase the pulse rate. Does this affect the accuracy of the results? Yes/No why?

When we move or do something to increase the rate of our pulse, the time to increase usually is over a few heart beats. When we get a pathogenic hit that results in an increase of our pulse, it is over one heart beat.

The system is measuring the rate of change from one heart beat to the next, and one frequency per beat.

In other words, if you swallow and this causes your heart rate to climb from 60 to 80 over 3 measurements, the rate of change is an average of 6.6 beats per measurement. If on the other hand you got a pathogenic hit and it goes from 60 to 80, the rate of change would be 20 in one single measurement.

Therefore, while not impossible, frequencies that are measured while you move usually do not make the top 20 out of 3800 frequencies from a full scan -- being filtered out by true hits.

You can confirm this behavior yourself by taking an noting the frequency that was being transmitted when you move and then look for it on the results.

Personally I have not been able to get a movement based hit in my testing, but at the same time I didn't stand up and start to do jumping jacks.

Even if you do manage to get a movement based hit to register, a frequency that does not resonate will do no work. If you got 19 good hits and one movement based hit, applying the results will still do much.

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