What you need to do to use scalar waves to treat scans etc. instead of electromagnetic waves and that they would be the priority of service in the full range of spooky2?

All frequencies generated by Spooky2 are of a normal electrical output. The method you use to deliver the frequencies determines the aspect it will take.

Contact remains electrical. Remote will convert this into scalar waves, and communicate the information via QE. Plasma will convert this into many types of output. PEMF will convert this into a electromagnetic pulse, etc.

The term Scalar in the Harmonic Type is a mathematical calculation reference, not a reference to output type.

The software can not change the aspect of frequencies. Waveform dictates what harmonics are generated. All that the software can do is ultimately determine what frequency to generate. Whether this is the original # in a list, or modified to another # based on mathematical imposed conversions, you still end up with a single starting frequency (fundamental) that the generator will create as an electrical output.

What you wish to do would require additional hardware. The fact that scalar waves have no direction and only contain the information of magnitude, it would be hard to transmit and radiate scalar waves out into the room to be used to treat with.

I think what you are after is a method to generate “longitudinal” waves, which commonly gets termed scalar waves causing much confusion.

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