Can you chain 2 or 3 presets and they repeat infinity? I know if we mess with the schedule then that preset when its done will not cycle to next preset. So is there another way?

The only method I know of at this moment is as follows:

1. Setup each preset for the chain to run with:

a. Programs / Repeat Sequence = 0
b. Settings / Schedule / Run For x Hours, where x = time to run that preset for for the day.

This sets each preset to run non-stop, but puts a limit on how long it will run for. Once the Run For x Hours hits, the preset will terminate and progress to the next preset in the chain.

2. Chain the presets and set:

a. Programs / Repeat Chain = 0

This allows the chain to repeat until stopped.


Sleep Aid MV Preset, set Run For 8 Hours
Gama Vitality Preset, set Run For 16 Hours

This accounts for a 24 hours cycle.

Then, you must start the preset at the correct time to initiate when it will rotate.

As you indicated, there is no current method to use the Run Between settings to enforce when each preset runs without scheduling anomalies taking pace that prevent it from running the way you envisioned -- it will pause and sit rather than progress when outside the scheduled time frame.

So if you want the Sleep Aid MV preset to run from 8 PM to 4 AM, you will want to start the program on the generator at 8 PM.

Over the course of time, it may drift a bit and will need to be reset by stopping and restarting at 8 PM.

For more details, please check the link:

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