Any suggestions for chronic procrastination.

1. I’d say lack of motivation is a secondary result of underlying, often complex, psychosomatic disorders in almost all cases, The conditions are more obvious in some and less obvious in others. Lazy is a loaded term in this regard, in that its more of a moral judgment based in refusal to examine the situation in depth. Things like PTSD and chronic depression often manifest in chronic fatigue and procrastination.

2. Would be best to look at the reasons for procrastination - lack of energy, anxiety, depression, etc. Procrastination is a symptom of another, larger issue.

3. I saw the following on a YouTube clip once. "If you procastinate, you are doing the wrong thing. Procastination does not exist, it's simply a time in life where you are not in sync with yourself and doing things you should not be doing..."

4. Try the schumann-resonator in heal/remote. Some people are also liking the Kundalini program. I did another thing once with Pineal function normalize, third eye opening and brain normalize, brain beta stimulate and brain frontal lobe. This last one helped me focus. I usually select "remove duplicate frequencies" and run the same program on 2 generators one starting at the first freq and the second one starting in the middle of the freq list. You can also look for memory in the DB.

5. I have ADHD and have always been a procrastinator, more so, on things that required focus! EFT helped a lot with this!

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