My husband has chronic rosacea. Has anyone out there had any success with rosacea?

1. I would suspect he has an underlying issue with his gut. I would do a biofeedback scan and treat with those results.

2. Leaky gut for sure. This requires diet changes, an ant-inflammatory diet. I would suggest the heal your gut protocol by lee holmes.

All skin issues go back to the gut.

Hcl (hydrochlorinic acid )levels are typically low with those that have rosacea. Adding lemon/lime juice to water will help add the acid in. Also sea salt, apple cider vinegar, celery, and spinach contain hcl.

3. Usually rosacea is celiac/gluten intolerance and probably damage is being made too fast/often for it to clear with spooky if so.

4. Test the "C19 Biofilm Builders G - DB" from the M&L Protocol, Phase I-Terrain. Contact Mode.

5. There is some indication that rosacea is caused by too much of a usually harmless bacteria. i would try the broad spectrum antibiotic for a few days. mine is set off by prolonged stress.

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