There are of course a great number of HIV frequencies in the Spooky software, and there are a lot of frequencies that one can add to the protocol, but I find it too vague to “just try a couple of frequencies and hope for the best”.

I found on the internet a description of the experience of a person who was a carrier of active HIV (laboratory tests). This man was reading a lot on the internet about Beck and Clark zappers and some he got confused so he bought a zapper Clark but an electrodes on the wrist like a Beck Zapper (blood purifier). After another 3 months of use, the next laboratory test has showed that a person is free of this virus. Beck wrote that a microcurrent in the bloodstream cause the virus HIV to deprive the protein envelope, which help it to get inside the cells to replicate there, and because the life time of this virus is only 1.2 days it is easy to kill it preventing the multiplication. Deprivation of the envelope makes it visible to our immune system which can easy kill it.

So if someone has a generator one ought o make wrist arteries electrodes and provide an experiment.

For more details, please check the link:

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