For Lyme, those pathogens have a common ancestor, so shouldn't the pathogens and or mold all over the world then oscillate and die off from any one person using this machine? Is this observed?

When we target a pathogen directly, only the pathogens that are genetically related will be affected. Since mutations happen quite easily, they have their own unique DNA in a sense. Thus, targeting mold in my house does not result in targeting mold of even that same sub-species everywhere.

There is a good chance even, that the sample I am using in a remote will not affect all the mold in my house. If the sample I am using does not contain enough material to capture a sample of every type of mold, then it will miss. This can be alleviated by taking fresh samples regularly.

This is also another reason why Plasma is much more efficacious at removing mold as the energy is not discriminate and will resonate all mold within range.

This also applies to targeting pests. One can not control a pest infestation on the outside of the home easily as there will be too many possible families of pests to target. However, usually within a home, there usually is just the one or two families to deal with. While I'm still a big proponent from observation that the DNA used in a remote is very specific and family members are not affected by shared DNA, here in lies my current opinion of what is taking place.

Complex large cell organisms are not easily devitalized by frequencies, especially at the level of power we are using. To think one can kill say fleas with Rife directly is a misnomer. What I believe is happening is that the microbiome that would be the same for a family of pests is being targeted and it is via the killing off of the microbiome of the pests that we indirectly cause their demise.

This would also explain why one flea can be used to target a family of fleas, yet not all fleas -- while maintaining that DNA samples are specific between the sample and target. The QE link that is significant is happening not at the larger organism's DNA, but the microbiome level.

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