Is the sympathetic vibration measurable in the other cells (i.e. the ones in your body that are not directly being excited)?

The remote generates a scalar wave, which via QE, is linked by the DNA sample to the rest of the target. Scalar waves by nature, do not have direction, only containing the essence/information of the original frequency, amplitude, and waveform used to create the scalar wave.

The cells of the target, do not respond the same as when targeted directly by electrical application or by plasma excitement. Instead, the information of the end result is conveyed to the cells. Think of it like downloading the digital data of a CD directly to the cells vs. taking the time to play and listen to the songs.

Consequently, it is my opinion that we are affecting a new reality by overlaying this information on to the cells of the target. The end result that would be realized by "playing the CD" is still realized, and those pathogens that exist in proximity or inside the cells of the target are also affected by propagation of this information.

In the QE experiments, when an pair of entangled atoms are monitored, a change to one registers an instant change to the other. The mechanism that was used to alter the first atom does not need to exist at the second atom, yet the state change is clearly observable.

Since DNA is very specific, only the cells with the matching DNA will be effected. Transplanted organs will not be targeted directly, but are affected by proximity to the cells that are.

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