There is a preset for killing dust mites with a DNA sample. Wouldn't it be possible in the future to use the same concept to kill off ticks in the backyard? Maybe we could save the world from ticks in the future?

1. Yes, well this is a good thought, but DNA is specific to an animal. Even with targeting the digestive bacteria, which many of the environmental Presets do, this is somewhat dependent on what the critter is eating, etc. For this reason, we may reduce the population of certain pests, but not going to eliminate them completely.

2. And, bear in mind that they are only 'pests' for us. We really have no clue what their purpose is in the greater scheme of things. If we eliminate them, - - well what?

3. It is very successful with all pests with spectrum sweep get critter and put in remote I am currently rife flies bother my dog and me in one week population appears to be cut in half. yes rife all ticks worthless creatures I do fleas on my dog all the time no fleas.

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