Suggestions for treating breast cancer that has metastasized to spine and liver.

You could do the Cancer Protocol, writing your scans into the presets. Or similarly you could try the Intensive Care Protocol, which also relies upon your scans being inserted into the presets.

You could also adapt these Protocols to suit your circumstances. For instance, my partner Barry (who has cancer) runs the Intensive Care Protocol purely on remote (4 gens) six days out of every week. He re-scans on the seventh day, inserting the new scans into the presets. For this protocol he uses the Full System Scan.

Additionally, Barry does zCancer scans weekly, then inserts them into a Spooky Central empty shell. He runs this on Plasma (with contact + ultrasonic) for two hours, six days out of every seven, then re-scans.

Concurrently, Barry runs support and healing presets (mostly from the Cancer/DB folder) on our additional generators.

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