How important is it to take the oral chelation substances to absorb the toxins "shaken loose" by the Detox program?

1. It is helpful, but not mandatory, to take binders especially when clearing heavy metals to keep them from being reabsorbed during the transit through the intestines.

2. Zeolite is like bentonite only more effective in my opinion. I changed the terrain program to the one minus the mercury and no detox symptoms at this point. Also one of the Spooky2 experts suggested using these frequencies when doing a terrain: Lyme Herx 1 and 2, Detox Toxins Eliminator 1 and 2, and Lymph Drain Circulation.

3. If you take Activated Charcoal, you need to drink even more water than is recommended. Otherwise, charcoal can be extremely constipating and dehydrating. I'm a big charcoal fan having taken it since childhood to combat nausea, but without lots of water you're defeating the purpose of the Spooky2 detox.

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