My husband’s bone marrow is not producing enough white cells. How can he get white cells count up and heal bone marrow? Shrink is spleen, because it is enlarged, and holding on to much of white cells. Also he needs to get energy up.

1. The first question is, "Has he ever had a Rife session before?" This is important because if he hasn't, then there is no way to know how he will respond to it. It may be OK, or it may be totally overwhelming for his body. I would start out with the Terrain or Terrain - Mercury from the Detox Presets folder. It is an 11 day program, but it may be longer if he has trouble and needs to pause it part way through to be able to handle it.

2. While this is running, you can look through / search the Programs for issues like "white blood", "bone marrow", "immune system", etc. - looking for ones that make sense for him, reading notes for other related programs, etc., to gain an understanding of what would be beneficial for him. Once the Terrain Protocol finishes, then start to run some of these in Empty Healing Presets as he tolerates them.

3. Remote is as gentle as it gets, and the Terrain Protocol is to stimulate the detox pathways and to get junk started moving out, but depending on the person, it can still be rough. Be sure to monitor him closely and yes, he needs to drink to move it out. It may be best to just run the Liver Single Step Preset, followed by the Kidney1 and Kidney2 first.

4. Detox is healing. Stimulating the detox pathways is the most important thing you can do initially. You just have to monitor to make sure it isn't too much for the needy one.

5. It is important to make sure your husband is getting enough water each day. At least 30 ml per kg body weight. Drinking up to 750ml per time. Half hour before and at least an hour after meals. None with meals. Eat only vegan eliminating sugar meat and gluten.
Sunshine as much as possible. Exercise every day if possible. Fresh air.It is extremely important he releases all anger and any bitterness. Accepts that he has cancer. Develops an attitude of gratitude and benevolence. And lastly a relationship with God. I have metastasized cancer and have implemented all the above. I have got stronger and healthier every day even though the tumors are not receding. Rebuilding the immune system is the most important. I use 2 spooky to support this program.

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