What is the best way to approach a staph infection? I started scratching and has got worse. I have a large patch on the front of the foot and has now spread to my body with small red itchy lumps.

1. Colloidal silver. You can buy it or make. It saves lives trust me. And try staph killing frequents h bomb. Manuka honey higher + the better its 10 times stronger than antibiotic.

2. I was using ionic silver to clean the wound and drinking it. Still must be bad infection. And sometimes using honey as well .

3. It is in the database. Do an Web search for correct staph terms, look them up in the data base. I don't know if I can help more than this giving the updated strict guide lines. Spooky has remote and contact you can try both to see what works best for you. Plasma too may be an option.

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