Has anyone else used the Cannibidiol CBD frequency? I'm finding that I'm only eating when hungry. No more food addiction.

1. It's the frequency your receiving CBD is the non psychoactive component of Cannabis.

2. The CBD molecular weight has been slowing down my 7 year olds epilepsy fits. Put him on it for 4 hours a day. It works kiddos!

3. I run CBD frequencies, and also Marijuana. They helps reduce inflammation from my neuropathy dis-ease CRPS really helps a lot.

I use 3 of these cannabis frequencies and I will have to spend time with all 3. At moment I just loop them together, they help reduce inflammation, chronic pain, chronic fatigue. Yes I find them very helpful though I will rife them separately and see what they do. We all have different body chemistry's and level of infections so we may all react to these frequencies differently. I am curious how others respond. These are 3 of my favorite frequencies of the almost 32,000 frequencies in spooky2 database. Note: Dronabinol has to be rife with MW preset.

4. On my quest for up to date scientific research breakthroughs I see that more work is being done on hallucinogenics for depression, schizophrenia etc. Maybe some tripping frequencies might be good- just saying.

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