What is 'cancer spectrum sweep', and can it stay launched without time limits (as kind of cancer prevention)? What is the principle of 'immune system stimulation', is it the same way as bob beck zapper?

From the Notes of the Sweep:
This Remote Mode dual converge Spectrum sweep targets all cancer viruses, and sweeps between 1.5MHz and 1.7MHz in both directions simultaneously. All frequencies are applied for 10 minutes each 16 times. I doubt it needs to be run continuously, but once a week or once a month may be fine. If the immune system is maintained in good working order, it should be able to clean these out without assistance. Again, I only have the Notes of the Immune Stim. Program to refer to which state "Normalize", which I take to mean that it assists the body in bringing the immune system into a normal operating state. Not knowing anything about other equipment, I can't state whether is is "same as" or not.

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