I'm using the phanotron and remote for a Basal cell carcinoma, I use the phanotron at night. Is there anything else I can do to heal this stubborn BCC that is on the side of my nose?

1. According to Johann Stegman, when he run a program for a tumour, he noticed that it will be bigger on the starting of the treatment, and after that it will shrink.

So continue, it can be a good sign.
 If you are sure that the tumor is Fungal type, so the best program on spooky 2 ( as per my experience with candida albicans) is the Candida sweep (XTRA) (12006.25 Hz), you have to run is for 2 to 3 hours at least.

After running this program, if you notice that is painful and you feel tired, this means that the candida is being killed, you should run the program daily and increase gradually the Dwell time. 

You should also run these programs for Candida and Organ support:
Candida Organ Support (XTRA)
Candida Hipower (XTRA)
Candida Lopower (XTRA)
Liver 1 (PROV) (13427.72 Hz)
I run all my programs using Remote mode.
Finally you have to run the Detox Programs like Detox 3 Toxins in the Kidneys and Liver

2. It is *very* common for cancer tumors to 'temporarily enlarge' at the start of an effective killing/healing therapy :)

When tumors die 'naturally' (rather than being killed by poison/chemo/radiation), the outlying tissue is not damaged nearly as much...and it is very possible to regrow/repair what damage has been done (even with massive tumors that come out through the skin). I don't know what Spooky can do in that regard, but I know how to do it herbally...so when you get to the point that the tumor is degrading and it appears you'll be 'getting it all', I'll be happy to let you know how to regrow skin/tissue naturally/herbally if you want to know (you can PM me)

3. Since this is your face, please find an appropriate holistic person with which to work. Black salve must come from a trusted source and its use is specific and not without risks. There may be better options for topical such as frankincense oil or cannabis oil. You may also need specific supplements.

Johann lost a significant portion of his ear screwing around without proper assistance.
By all means, use Spooky and other modalities but please have a good practitioner to work with. The alternative could be life long disfigurement.

4. I assume the black salve you are describing is similar to the Indian herb that I used to pull some lipomas out through the skin surface. If so, the body can fill in the depressions left initially after the drawing out of the "junk". I have drawn several lipomas out, including one on the side of the nose. The body has healed all of those locations to where there is no residual indication of the issue.

5. I've had incredible success with treating fungal tumors and all tumours by drinking small amounts of aluminum free baking soda and soaking it out in sauna. you can still shrink without soaking out in sauna but it dumps toxicity at really high doses so I have to use binders at the least.

Support your adrenals on any protocol by taking an adaptogenic supplement.
Adrenavive is one. A-drenal by RLC labs is another. I actually take both.
Have also had success with ozone water and ozone saunas though saunas deplete me.

For more details, please check the link:

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