Since then I have done the Terrain while running my Biofeedback Scans. I have noticed that I feel hot, body temperature wise throughout the day and especially at night while sleeping.

1. I've always correlated this to times when my body has been running a fever (localized or general), therefore probably fighting some pathogen, and the fever has broken. I've been doing this for some time even before Spooky, but it still continues, so I'm pretty certain that there are still pathogens that I haven't gotten rid of that the body is still fighting.

It may be more for you now due to strengthening of the immune system, or higher toxin levels being cleared, etc., so the body is fighting more.

2. From 1-3 am is the time when our liver gets refreshed, rejuvenated. So if you are [waking in some distress] during that time, Likely that your liver is just trying to keep up w/ the toxin load being released.

You may want to include "liver support" in a healing program, to help things a bit.

I might even be inclined to try including the frequency for "Venus - liver, pancreas, emotional, appetite/digestion."

And, maybe:
Nogier D, to help relaxation & balancing of stress level.
The 7.83 frequency (Schumann) for "stress increase tolerance," I personally enjoy.

And if feeling bold, there's also "metabolic stress," though I have to say: I've not yet used that one. Yet seems, it could be applicable.

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