I would like to run the BX Cancer Bacillus MOR of 12.832MHz, but limitation of Spooky Central is 3.5MHz. When I open the Plasma preset 'Spooky Central Cancer JW', I find that are in the 11MHz range.

Any frequency that is below 100 kHz or above 3.5 MHz will automatically be converted to within this range. The method used depends on the Harmonic Type set in the preset. Typically, it will be based on octave harmonics, either base 2 or base 8 (2 to the power of 3).

The British Rife frequencies are just 4 octaves higher than the standard frequencies used by Rife.

While you can transmit 12832000 Hz using the generator via remote or contact, it will be reduced back to 3208000 Hz (twice 1604000 Hz) for use on the central when using Harmonic Type Octave, and 1604000 Hz when using the default harmonic type 8x.

However, because of resonance, 3208000 Hz and 1604000 Hz will also essentially target 12832000 Hz.

If you wanted, you can use a modulation of 1604000 Hz with frequency 3208000 Hz which will produce 12832000 Hz as the 6th upper side band, but power will be less for 12832000 Hz using this method. Make sure to set the Harmonic Type to Octave.

There really is no special aspect to the British Rife #s other than they found the octal harmonics in the 12 MHz range was common between both Rife machines and therefore, concluded that this range may be the more efficacious band to transmit on.

As the entries of 11430000 Hz and 11780000 Hz, these will be reduced to 2857500 Hz and 2945000 Hz if using the Octave harmonic type, or 1428750 Hz and 1472500 Hz if using the default 8x Harmonic type.

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