Is there a specific preset or program to remove negative effects of vaccinations including the ones we received from childhood? Terrain protocol may help?

1. There's an SV40 frequency that is a common virus that was in the polio vaccine. Came up on my biofeedback.

2. Adverse Drug Reaction is one that may help. Terrain Protocol is just great to run for the first protocol to get the body started detoxing and used to the frequency input. There may be other programs as well. It is always best to be creative when searching the programs database... Partial names yield more results than specific when dealing with names like "hormone" and "hormonal", for instance.
Screenshot of "vaccin" search:

3. I used a program called "vaccine detox" (or "detox vaccines"?) available in the database. I have no idea what vaccines it targets but I had intense muscle/nerve pain as a reaction to this. I ran the frequencies for a few weeks until I had no reaction at all.

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