How to merge 2 custom databases together? I have used 2 computers with my Spooky2 generators and was trying to combine the 2 "custom" databases or create a second DB as there are good programs I have used from both.

1. Open the file manager of windows, find the spooky2 folder, find you database, usually is Custom.csv, copy it and paste in a new folder of backup, give to this a name, this is your backup that can always be restored, if you are working in the custom database make incremental numbers of backup.

For merging 2 databases, make a backup, in spooky2, on top, database, edit custom database,
if it does not open the csv editor, install it from the sp2 website, when you open the csv editor,
file, append file, you can merge 2 database.

For correct work, keep different names of the database, and control in the Settings tab what you are loading, do not open the csv files with other programs except the csv editor of the sp2, it can be corrupted.

2.  Please, read page 78 to 82 to learn about the database menu. There you can learn about the internal structure of the file, in case you want to merge two files. It is very important to keep the same structure, because one comma at the wrong place, or a missing comma, and the database won't work.

You can use several databases. To switch between them, use the Select Custom Database function from the database menu. You can name the databases, as an example, disease.csv or experimental.csv etc. Obviously they must have different names if located into the same folder.
To create a custom database, simply create an empty file with the name you want, and the extension csv (using any Windows tool). Then, from inside the program you can select it and begin to fill it with freqs.
When you are creating a program, as a reminder, at the very top of the screen you can see the database in use, to prevent from losing programs, in case you are using several databases.

The different types of databases are explained on page 92 and 93 of the last user's guide, which can be downloaded from here:

For more details, please check the link:

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