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Which plasma tube to choose?

Having both bulbs, if I were to only able to keep one, I would choose the Phanotron based on my experiences.

True the output of the plasma tube, based on shape, allows for a longer area of near field application than the Phanotron, but the overall versatility of the Phanotron seems to be better - subjective.

I tend to use the tube for area treatments now, and use the Phanotron for all other applications.

The tube gets warmer than the Phanotron, so easier to position and hold the Phanotron for near field application.

Being smaller, it is easier to position and has a theoretical focused beam output that can be directed, etc.

I have not been able to confirm this through some kind of measurement or from someone else who did, but I have anecdotally confirmed this by aiming the beam towards my generators and locking them up as opposed to the same position and aimed elsewhere.

The output of the Phanotron seems to be stronger/warmer/reactive (subjective) and thus feels like it is doing better work.

The tube would be better I think for spinal work, as again the shape allows for a near field to be applied along the entire spine.

I also find the tube great for area work like targeting mold in a room but find the output signal detected from both to be equally radiant using the far field. Since I have both, I try to split the time I use each accordingly to save on wear and tear.

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