Jonathan Stegmans suggests running a single frequency for breast cancer non stop for a week, Fibrosarcama 1744. Is there any harm of running this frequency on another Spooky while running 2 with the cancer protocol?

1. Johann was never a formal member of the Spooky Team because he wanted to devote all of his time and energy to treating people one-to-one. But he provided the core idea which was the impetus for John to develop Spooky.

I believe you're referring to the Fibrosarcoma frequency which Johann said worked with all cancerous growths. This did nothing for my own throat tumour. His method of verification was distant viewing by an untrained operator. Since distant viewing has an accuracy of no greater than 70% even when used by a highly-trained operator, we've never been able to accept his claim that it worked for all breast cancers.

However, since his record in everything but cancer was exemplary, we now believe that there's something about cancer in the body that interferes with distant viewing.

With this in mind, you can certainly try adding it to any or all Cancer 06-08 presets.

2.These are the programs in the database that include 1744.


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