Can I add specific programs to R01 Metals - DB like this? These heavy metals I added (after the first four) are what my husband tested as high in Heavy Metal Test Report from a naturapath.


1. I usually go with the presets as suggested as they are tried and proven and don't want to overwhelm my body. I do, however later add things I know I need with good support programs. It's an individual thing AND being mindful of response. You will get more comfortable as you go.

2. I would be careful of this many heavy metals getting shaken loose at once. While I understand the desire to get rid of these ASAP, I also know that no one wants to have an overload of this running in the bloodstream all at once. My opinion is to run these one or two at a time, at least until it is determined what the reactions are to each. If there isn't much reaction, then maybe combine them.

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