In biofeedback scan, is it normal that the Quart 1 last that much than 27 minutes and quart 2 around 23 minutes? And is it normal or usual to feel symptoms like nausea, palpitations, tremors, headaches while scanning?

1. The biofeedback scan is sending many frequencies to the body during the course of the scan, and Yes, these frequencies can kill or disturb the pathogens while scanning - otherwise, there would not be a response to measure. The length of the scan is dependent on the heart rate and regularity of the beat, as measured by the Pulse. If there are dramatic jumps in the rate, Pulse may "throw samples away" in order to make sure it is getting valid data. Even when I go to sleep while scanning, I always feel somewhat tired when I finish a scan.

2. Certainly some of us "feel something" during a biofeedback scan. My reaction is a little different to Joe's, whereas I feel incredibly relaxed and refreshed afterwards, but not tired. During the scan, I am in a lovely state of meditation, which is extraordinary as I haven't deliberately meditated for years. I'm prone to nausea, but have not experienced it during a scan.

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