I'm making some MUSIC playlist for dance and would like to add healing frequencies. Is this possible with Spooky generators? Or do I need to add it as the sound?

1. Haven't seen anything on this but if you go to YouTube you will already see MANY uploaded audios for certain conditions. Maybe put on a background track. A lot of them are sort of monotone.

2. Most entrainment frequencies are a monotone, so not going to be good to dance to by themselves. They would have to be mixed with the other sound, but then will be at such a low volume that they are likely to be mostly ineffective.

3. A number of questions that you should think about before embarking on this type of activity. Above all else, we want to act in a safe and responsible manner. How much do you know about magnetics? Any idea of what constitutes a healing dose, vs., what levels will pull someone with a metal implant? Are you going to know who has medical devices implanted so this would be safe for all attending? Are you going to disclose that you are doing this - and get signed release forms from all attendees to perform "Healing" during the dance? Do you have malpractice insurance, in case something unforeseen happens?

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