I have high barium, strontium and tin. If I run the strontium program for example, is that taking it out or pitting it in my body?

1. Strontium (XTRA) uses frequencies 92.23, 99.43, and 16925.77. This appears to be a detox protocol. Tin 115sn, 117sn, and 119sn are also from the (XTRA) database and do not look like the minerals - xxx frequency sets.

2. I did a before and after hair analysis and about 1/2 were successful. Cadmium, Aluminum, and Lead decreased. Uranium decreased in 1/2 the participants. Arsenic, Berium, and Mercury did not decrease and in some cases increased. Now this could be because if participants are continually exposed, the body just retoxifies.

3. I ran them for about 72 hrs and several times. You may have to run longer and it is important to find the source and eliminate. Let me know your results as well as I am always trying to validate programs with before and after medical tests.

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