I have acute osteomyelitis in my jaw and Lyme too, any advice as to what the additional benefits of the plasma are?

1. The Plasma is the most powerful device to transfer the frequencies to the body. 
Also, with the Central unit, a user can run the Plasma tube and a PEMF coil with its purpose to open cells to allow the energy to enter more readily, which is very powerful to clear infection from within cells. The Plasma also floods the entire region with energy, so even if there is infection within a pocket where there is air (not likely in this case, unless some of it is in a sinus cavity), the plasma can kill it there as well. The Phanotron tube is more focused in its beam than the straight tube. Some use the straight tube to spread energy throughout the entire body or in a long pattern, but the round tube to focus energy in a specific location. Both are going to be much stronger and more effective than Contact and Remote alone.

2. http://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/what-are-the-differences-between-remote-contact-and-plasma-modes/

3. http://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/spooky-plasma-tube-q-and-a/

4. The plasma energy will penetrate concrete, so I am pretty sure it will go through bone. The Ultrasonic and magnetic energy should also penetrate bone. I'm not sure about electrical current from a contact session. My thought is that it would probably find a path with less resistance, but that is a "think" rather than a "Know". Remote mode should go into every cell with DNA the same as is in the remote.

5. Wash your mouth out with iodine diluted to about 15 drops in 20 to 30 ml of warm water. Keep it in for at least 5 min. Don't do it near bed time and no sugar or flour. Also 6g of vitamin c a day raw camu camu is probably the best source mix with orange juice it tastes wild on its own. Mix with a small amount of juice as it will just blob if you try to mix with a large amount then slowly add more juice 8 oz per heaped teaspoon of camu camu and wash out your mouth a short while after.

6. I instinctively started ingesting 10 drops of 2% Lugols iodine a few days ago and also rinsing either same but I will hold it in my mouth. Saw my homeopath today and I tested positive for 9 drops of 2% Lugols internally. It's about getting it into the bone and killing the Staph so it's stops poisoning the bone. I haven't heard of Camu Camu before

7. One thing about spooky2 is that most all vitamins, minerals, amino acids, iodine, vitamin C are in the software database and these frequencies can be rifed via remote, contact, plasma etc. save $$ , an awareness.

8. 1Kg of ascorbic acid = $20 The recipe = max 40grs a day with 2 wash a day so 1Kg =25 days minus the cost of soap that I don't use anymore and if you include the cost of electricity to run Spooky the cost of the C over spooky is probably a winner + you don't have to use toxic soap any more. And then it free Spooky for other use and and you can even compare program C to real C targeting the skin after couple of month of use !

9. And I have to had that I also had the bones of my jaws scraped and it did not help in the long run my dentist was extremely worries because this kind of inflammation is very dangerous for the cardiovascular system it filled like my all body was rotting inside out . 
I just can't beleive that I got on the top of it so easily with just $50 in 2 months of ascorbic acid applied in a different way after 5 year of continual batail I should said war and thousands of $ I did everything that I could ozone therapy intravenously in a clinic,hydrogen peroxide,MMS,D.M.S.O. nano silver, liposomal vitamin C diet ,you name it. I didn't tried spooky because I learn about it only recently, I hope this is some help for you.

10. While you are waiting on your Spooky2 rig (that is if you've decided to buy one), you can start oil pulling with ozone oil twice a day and that should help greatly. I've used both of these ozone oils to pull with:

11. You may want to try brushing your teeth with Tea Tree Oil three times a day. Do NOT swallow -- rinse with plain water -- Rub it on the outside of your face where the infected jawbone is also.

12. I had a meticulously done root canal procedure that still left the now strong tooth with a continuous dull pain, which I took to be residual infection of some kind. I found lasting relief and removal of that ache with pure camphor oil, applied directly to the (cloth-dried) gums at the tooth's root. It was not painful or uncomfortable at all. I also think oil pulling is a good idea, simple to try. But be careful about clogging your drain, spitting out the used oil.

13. I had to stop doing oil pulling -not sure why, but it led to one of my inlays popping loose. Seriously! I wish I'd known about the benefit you experienced re: camphor oil, Daniel Cronin. because re: 1 of my 2 root canals always felt exactly like you've described. I opted to get both of them pulled, & cavitation surgery done. Last thing I need is to have (low-grade infection) hiding out, beneath my gums. I struggled, before making that decision, but was at the point of necessity.

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