I need to perform a biofeedback scan for an infection on my face. Where is the best place to set my tens pads?

1. Please review where to place tens pads by searching this FB page. NEVER above shoulders.

2. We are able to do a biofeedback scan of the body. Whatever screams the loudest is what the sensor will read, no matter if that is what is most visible to the user. For instance, if there is something internal that is more reactive than whatever is causing the rash on your face, then the internal issue will be responsive to the frequency reported, not the facial irritation. In other words, we can't do a scan for any specific part of the body, we do it all and have to use it as reported for whatever issue is most prominent at the time. Just understand that whatever responded is being dealt with. Pad placement is always the same, left foot and right hand to keep as much current away from the heart area as possible. Fleshy areas are best.

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