If one was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, should they run programs specifically for that disease or should they run the Morgellons Lyme protocol?

1. I am sure a focused protocol is more effective per se. But only you can keep know what is best for you. We can not legally prescribe a set way. Only offer ideas of what you can do. But you already know that. MLv3 takes 1.5 years on 4 generators is in the presets. This is the most effective of all. I am not yet running it because I also have autoimmune and need to focus on more immediate issues. MLv2 takes 53 days and is in our files.

Lyme Protocol done by Johann Steggman is short and is on the mall. I did run the above Lyme protocol and MLv1 (no longer available) 2x. This year I am Rifing scan results. I do not have the time or strength to run plasma, contacts and remote full time. But those who do are reporting good results. So now you have many options and only your own body can tell you what is best. May you have much restoration and relief soon.

2. I started trying some individual programs, and had some successes, but not as much as needed. I finally started the Morgellons and Lyme due to guessing that much of my problem was due to biofilms. It is a long-term project, but we are in the middle of the biofilms Presets and are doing some better. We'll see if it continues.

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