How long can one run frequencies for staphylococcus aureus on 2 year old child?

1. What's the youngest age you could use the remote setting on? – Spooky2 Support:

2. There is not an answer. Every situation, every age, every child or adult depending on their conditions, it all will vary so there is not an answer. In general for adults it is 120x minimum. The answer Spooky2 office gives is not to rife a child under 6-7 years old. You are the parent, you take responsibility. We can not tell you how to treat your daughter. My recommendation is to take her to a pediatrician. Spooky2 is experimental equipment. To use it, you have to use your own judgement. To ask us to prescribe such information is against the law. We are only allowed to tell you how to operate the equipment.

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