Should I use a killing or healing for Bacteroides Fragilis? Can this frequency be used for removal of biofilm in the gut? Or is there any other bioflim frequencies that will fulfill this intention?

1. My understanding is that the healing Preset incorporates killing properties. So, if in doubt, use the healing Presets. With bacteria, you could probably use a killing Preset, as bacteria is alive. But the healing Presets will also do it.

2. The easiest way to make this setup is to choose a Healing Preset that uses the Square wave, then change the Duty Cycle setting to 72.4%. There MAY be Presets in the latest software to run this already - I have been busy and not gotten it loaded yet. Most of the Killing Presets use an Inverted Triangle waveform, so these require more changes to meet your specification of square wave. This will be a killing setup in order to kill a biofilm pathogen. This can be run on Remote or Contact, depending on the original Preset you choose. I am not knowledgeable enough about Plasma yet, to know if the Duty Cycle may be changed without damage, etc., to the equipment. The purpose of this setting would be to remove this pathogen from the body. The only thing that makes sense is that Spooky2 would help eliminate the pathogen. If we are targeting biofilms, there are 2 different tasks:
1) we need to break up the community communication / protection links that biofilms build.
2) we want to kill or expel the pathogens involved.

3. The Terrain is specifically a detox system. I doubt any of the designers would change it to include the amount of killing needed to take out these biofilms. The Biofilm Presets break up the structures, which involves killing, as well as killing each of the different groups of pathogens. It is early in the M&L Protocol, so it isn't that long to get into them relative to how long many of us have been dealing with these issues, although each of the Presets runs for some 140 to 160 hours. Biofilms can be many places within the body. Obviously, the gut makes sense for many of these, as there are huge amounts of bacteria that live here. When they "leak" out into the rest of the body, they can set up shop in fatty cysts, or probably many other places that are difficult for the body to get rid of.

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