Coping with advanced Ewing sarcoma patient. Combination with otitis. Patient is weak and can not tolerate chlorine dioxide. Should we put TENS pads right on metasthasis?

1. Awesome that you mention chlorine dioxide. I am quite familiar and have had personal success with MMS for many things.

Have you tried application of Chlorine Dioxide as an external poultice? this is a very powerful method I have discovered.

What I do is soak gauze in it, then place the gauze over the treatment area on my body. I cover this with a plastic patch cut from a grocery bag, and tape it into place. I leave it in place all day and change it out daily.

The results have been phenomenal.

Of course note that I do not practice medicine, nor give medical advice and all information is for educational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed practitioner, wisdom dictates a holistic practitioner, however it is your choice as per FDA rulings, even when said rulings get in the way of you being healed, blah blah blah!

2. If the lesion is in the skin or just below the skin You can try to put a compress soaked in hydrogen peroxide H2O2 (3%) at the beginning and if it will be a progress to gradually increase the concentration to about 15% max.

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