I cannot feel any electrical current/tingles going through gloves and socks like I was able to with the tens pads. Are they still working? Should I only wet a small area instead of the whole thing? Do the gloves etc not conduct as well as the tens pads?

1. That was one of my concerns as well. I received the gloves and socks about a month ago, for my wife. She doesn't feel anything wearing the gloves or socks, but last week she began doing the candida portion of lyme/morgellons protocol at night using a glove and sock. We used the standard candida spit test in the morning and by the 3rd day it appeared to have the candida in check. We were amazed - We've been trying to get rid of her candida for 6 years. I'm wondering if it just spreads the frequency contact to a larger area and isn't as concentrated as the tens pad.

2. You have hit the nail on the head with your conclusion. The surface area of a sock or glove will be circa 10x that of a Tens pad = 1/10th of the current less per unit area. So the current is no longer felt.

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