Did anyone used Spooky for pineal cyst?

1. In addition to spooky treatment, Pineal calcification is rooted in uptake of Fluoride. Pineal decalcification is a slow process.

2. Lodine and boron both decalcify the pineal from fluoride.

3. Turpentine (pine oil) with castor oil or sugar taken daily, or black seed oil will decalcify the pineal gland over time. check the YouTube channel Sun Fruit Dan for turpentine and pineal info. amazing information! also- obviously remove fluoride from your life- no tap water, no fluoride toothpaste. eat as much seaweed and algae (irish sea moss, spirulina, kelp) as possible daily. vitamin K, boron. all pineal openers. meditation and yoga help too, you need to removed blockages and get more blood and energy pumping to the brain.

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