If I purchase a new laptop to run Spooky2, is it better to run Windows 7 or Windows 10? I am trying to get things set up for easy use.

Many prefer Windows 7; however, Windows 10 also runs Spooky2 just fine.

The one issue you will find with Windows 10 is the automatic updates which will cause your computer to reboot at least once a month to install updates. This of course has the effect of terminating Spooky2, leaving your generators running the last frequency until you are able to restart everything.

There are two ways to address this one setback if you run Windows 10. The first is to turn off the internet connection. This prevents the machine from dialing home and obtaining the updates. The second is to actually disable the automatic update function. Some find one method easier than another and so choose accordingly.

How to turn off Windows 10 update - go to Services, by typing services in "type here to search" bar - go to window update, right click, select properties, and choose disabled-


How to turn off window 10 updates.pdf

For more details, please check the link:

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