I saved the Biofeedback results in two folders for the treatments. Are they not working properly then because according they all should be in the Biofeedback original folder?

The biofeedback folders (both the system and the one in the user folder) are the special folders that load the biofeedback scan parameters to perform a scan. The settings that are loaded when in this folder include Start Frequency, Finish Frequency, Initial Step Size, Decimal Places, Max Hits to Find, Samples / Step, Start Delay, Max/Min, BPM / HRV, and those in the Calculate Using box.

These are the settings that are global and are used to define what type of biofeedback scan to perform. Your manual may be a bit older as there used to only be a system biofeedback folder. However, in the last few editions, a biofeedback folder in the user collection has been created. You can now save these types of presets for your own use.

If you were to move these types of presets into another folder, then the Biofeedback Scan parameters will not load and only the waveform and related settings will be loaded.

The presets you have for applying biofeedback result sets can live anywhere and will continue to function as expected. You can store your custom application presets in a folder named Contact biofeedback if you wish.

The biofeedback folder in the user folder can not be renamed, and will be re-created if you do so. So if you did, nothing to worry about. The system will repair itself.

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