I have a mite infestation in my scalp and ears (and more places). Can I put the tens pads on the face or at least near scalp and ears?

1. Spooky2 advises tens pads only placed shoulders down on body. Best to keep tens pads away from electrical activity of the brain. More info: Spooky2 Blog - Tens Pads Placement: www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/tens-pads-placement/

2. Bugs respond well to spooky2 remote mode. If can capture or skin scrape to place on tape then remote kill. On 2nd gen run your nail. The environmental preset has a mite infestation preset which should be very effective. Run 24/7 for 3 weeks. By all means do NOT place contacts above the shoulders. It could also effect the main artery going to your brain and have other undesired effects on your brain , eyes and skin. Scary to think about. Also as a topical, I used diatomaceous earth on a dog I adopted with mites and had a bold spot from it. Between Rifing and DE, cleared up. Also, must build immune system which you can google search how to do.

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