After day 3 running terrain to my sister who has a very painful, large leiomyosarcoma tumour on her leg, she felt the most pain and had little sleep last night, any suggestions?

1. In the cancer folder shown in the following pic, are Pain Short and Pain Long Presets. Read the Notes for each to see if either may be useful for her. More detox is always a good thing as well. The All Detox Preset shown below is a good one to keep running constantly. Inflammation may be:
1) due to the body starting to clear the immense amount of junk.
2) due to smaller pathogens being released from larger cells if the proper order wasn't followed as recommended to start killing the smallest pathogens and working toward the largest.


2.Sorry, I missed that you are now running Terrain. I would continue with that, although I may add in a Plasma Pain Short Preset along with the Terrain Preset, either once or twice a day, to see if that helped any.

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