Has anyone had positive results with Multiple Myeloma?

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Consider running Naltrexone MW

3. I offer my personal advice and opinion as an independent human being not as a practioner of anything who also happens to use the spooky2 equipment; and Lenolidomide & Dexamethazone check out side effect (remembering all side effect are actually direct effects) [may] leave the body in high toxicity + bone marrow toxicity this is where spooky2's detox programs are run via remote AND CONTACT,(knowing that detox program is working, simple, skin will reek), also check ph. balance, plus run all cancer related programs on KILLING, plus there is a frequency call "cancer not killed by frequencies", excellent, plus frequencies containing Vitamins, minerals, enzyme and especially selenium & iodine on healing, and tissue scaring also added items to assist you in your quest. I would use black salve cream (as called in America) smeared onto all areas of tumor (doesn't matter how deep they are apply cream, they will surface) and apply cream to any or all continually itchy skin areas, Neo40, do a read, enzymes support are a must, maritime pine extract, dandelion extract, works well, Fulvic & humic, parsley extract and Asparagus (Shatavari)extract plus eat seven tablespoons of mashed asparagus every day, added bonus with asparagus your urine will smell and when all the toxins are removed from your system your urine will be fragrant/clean, also home made vitamin C out of Lemons using only lemon rind and pith, cut and dry, then put into coffee grinder and make into capsules and take, using dowsing as to determine how many a day for you is required I take 16 per day especially more in early stages, also remember holistic so the calcium content of a (one) chia seed is five times that of milk (Strontium, besides being a catalyst in protein assimilation and energy release, this mineral has a strengthening effect on cartilage, teeth and bones and chai seeds also regulate blood sugar levels and a mass of other health issues, but what is important is that chia seeds Essential Fatty Acid (EFA's) help to maximise the ideal pressure of oxygen in the body and can uniquely "magnetise" oxygen to the cell also a mini trampoline to strengthen bones.

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