Are there anti-grey hair program or frequencies I can try. I have seen some youtube videos that mention a grey hair program in the spooky database but I don’t see it there.

1. In my Holistic practice I learned that grey hair is a sign of zinc depletion. I learned of this from a doctor speaking on prostate issues. He said increasing your zinc intake helps your prostate and by the way, will make your hair go back to it's natural color. I stated taking 30mg to 50mg zinc supplement daily and bingo, within 6 months my hair was back to natural color and had better qualities too! use only NATURAL zinc.

2. Black seasame oil massaged into the hair may help with the zinc delivery.

3. Blue hair dye rinse, frequency every few days!

4. Sage tea as last rinse every time you shampoo will make your hair turn dark, but not immediately. Two cups of tea will be good for "boy's bob" haircut (this term might not be known to you if you are not a baby boomer. Please do not rinse it off, leave on hair for around ten minutes, then towel dry. It did work for me. Please make sure to use a dark colored towel to dry your hair -- black, or brown will do. I used to buy this by the pound so I have a supply of the tea whenever. I needed it. This tea is very cheap.

When you stop using the tea as rinse, the white roots will show in a week and a half.

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