What do you do with multiple generators? What's the benefit of that?

1. 6 generators computer controlled, (via white remote):
4 running M&L Protocol (3 DNA within),
1 running specific programs for 1 family member,
1 running a sweep (5 DNA within)

1 old generator doesn't communicate via USB, so runs only single frequency short-term mostly, except running cockroach frequency currently with animal DNA to hopefully keep these critters out. When new critter is found and killed, its corpse will replace the current victim.
This is a new process for me, so I will be seeing how it works over the next few weeks.

2. 10 generators all running remotely 24/7:
2 x Supplements
1 x Detox
2 x Specific parasites
1 x Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds & Fungus General
1 x "General" (things that are identifiably wrong with me and need constant support)
3 x dedicated to family members (all of whom are also on Supplements and Detox with me)

I sometimes have to Pause for a couple of hours and run Herx Helper to combat frequency fatigue.

3. 11 generators:

1 for spooky central plasma.
1 for cold laser or bioscans or colloidal silver
1 for insect control
2 for pets to run ML v2 protocol or their other needs
1-2 for vitamins, minerals, or other healing frequencies
4 for Lyme protocol

4. I only have 3. #1 is maintenance and I have samples for all family members in that remote.
#2 is running whichever Lyme step I am on and #3 runs the same step l on remote all day, then I do contact with that one at night.

5. I have 7.
One is for biofeedback scans.
One is for the radionics machine.
One is for me & one for my husband.
One for my daughter for eczema.
Two are for people who don't have theirs yet.


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