Storm with power outage here. How will this affect Spooky and how should I shut things down?

1. This depends on what equipment you have. If you are running a desktop computer with generators and all is plugged into the house power, it is taken care of - because it all shuts down when power goes away. If you are running a laptop with battery and the generators are connected directly to a house outlet, the generators are off already, so log generator status's and use the Global Stop in the software and shut down the laptop. If all is connected to a UPS, then everything is still running and depending on battery time vs. length of power outage, etc. Maybe never do anything - just let the power return and everything stays running. If power is off longer than the UPS battery will last, then need to log Status of generators and do a Global Stop, then power down generators and computer.

2. I live in Florida now so I have to be ready. If I see on radar severe storm coming, I shut everything down and unplug from wall. It's not what I want to do but I certainly want to protect my investment.

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