I could have very low blood pressure and why Spooky pulse graph isn't showing? Spooky pulse is detected, both red and green lights are on. What am I doing wrong?

1. It is possible that very low blood pressure is keeping the blood flow from being visible to the sensor. It is just an incompatibility between your body and the equipment. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Until you are able to get blood pressure into a more "normal" range, the scan may not be an option for you. There are many ways to use the Spooky equipment - treating scan results isn't the only way to benefit. Sometimes, we just have to go to plan "B". There are shell presets and many programs to use for a variety of issues. There are also Presets already loaded for a number of issues. I am using the M&L Protocol to eliminate unknown issues because I can't use the scan function. It will take a while, but it does help.

2. There are programs to use for balance or normalize. Search for those words (or parts of those words) to get possible programs to choose from. It may take more learning on your part to Rife this way, but that is a good thing as well.

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