Anyone had success treating Gout with RIFE frequencies?

1. I have a buddy with gout, he gets gout relief from running magnesium, boron (i think this comes up if you search magnesium) also the gout and arthritis sets.

I just talked to my friend with gout, interesting anecdote - his foot started acting up and when he got home after work, the spooky generator had stopped. So for those that doubt the effectiveness of the remote, here's a good first hand testimony! He says his gout eases up within an hour of starting the frequencies - especially if he catches it early he can totally reverse the symptoms.

2. Yes. I focused on kidneys, liver and acidity, cannot recall what else, but i tested exactly what the person needed.

It was much improved after about 8 hrs on remote.

For more details, please check the link:

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