I have late stage Lyme disease and I am dying of organ failure, my liver, pancreas and gallbladder are so inflamed I can’t even move. Does somebody has any ideas of what Spooky2 could do to help me?

1. You might try running just the Liver and Kidney Preset from the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol non-stop to see if that would open this pathway.


2. I use these (I didn't see any of these in this thread although I may have overlooked them). Lyme Pain and *Repair Liver, *Repair Organs, *Skeletal, *Tissue, *Parasites, and *GI Tract (these all begin with the words Lyme Pain if they're still in the database as I am still on the August update) I also use the Schumann Resonance/Resonator - 7.83 and the one that just says Schumann that has about 5 frequencies for healing. I also use inflammation and arthritis (and rheumatoid arthritis a lot, plus 'detox liver, kidneys, lymph, intestines', and gangrene (this is just dead cells), also cell regeneration (which is 111). If you don't see this one you can manually make it. in your custom database. Also, the Lyme Herxheimer Helper 1 and 2. There are also vitamin and mineral frequencies that I use a lot (Vitamin D and Vit C especially), plus electrolyte minerals and magnesium). It really would be good if you did a biofeedback so you could include the scan in your sets you make.

Also, the PEMF coil lets you imprint water with frequencies which has been so good and instrumental in my improvement. I also read an article that Bartonella (cat scratch fever) is the co-infection that has some of the worst symptoms, and you should concentrate on getting rid of it first, and then tackle the Lyme.

3. 2 weeks now-doing lots of "oxygen" & M&L liver & kidney protocol. Not strong enough to do terrain yet. I have frequency toxicity that also exacerbated Lyme & 10 co-infections to late stage in a year or so. I also have end stage hep c & according to Spooky-carcinoma. I have many resistant bio-film pathogens that keep me toxic. I'm feeling better with no herxing on these.

4. Definitely prov liver kidneys and lymph detox. Drink lots of water 3 litres a day and try to cut out fatty food as well.

5. Removing the Gallbladder will make a digestion issue. Read what you can and follow the Gerson Therapy. And, do liver flushes. Drink lots of espom salts that should help remove the pain as it will make the stones loosen up and poop out like rain if you drink enough. There is malic acid in apple juice. (use only organic). As well, you can drink a lot of that to also help loosen the stones that are lodged in your 10,000 bilinary tubes in your liver. By the way, the gall bladder is a storage "tank" so to speak. The Liver produces all the "stones"

6. You need the guidance of someone that can give you a specific protocol. Try to save your gallbladder. There is a mini liver flush you can start with that is slow and mild. Pm me and I will give you the recipe from my doctor. You should follow a cancer regimen. Start your day with lemon and baking soda in water on an empty stomach. Fresh carrot juice detox especially the liver. Olive oil and lemon flush the gallbladder. Chicago Piedra herb tea flushes the liver gallbladder. Have you tried any of these things? I use healing frequencies most of the time. My goal is to build up my immune system so my body can start healing itself

7. I think you should try to make a biofeedback with spooky 2 pulser to find out exactly what are the co-infections in your Lyme disease and to run the frequencies of all these pathogens that are inside of you specifically. Lyme program is not bad, but you better have a personalized diagnosis to save some time. I would buy a few infrared bulbs from a Hardware store and create an near infrared sauna to help with the detox along with running spooky 2 to kill the pathogens that created all this damage. It is important to detoxify by sweating because you are going to help your liver that is overwhelmed already with all these toxins. Do near infrared sauna every day. You can find lots of information on Youtube about the small details.

8. Another thing that you can do to help the liver and gallbladder is to remove all bad fats from your diet. That includes animal fats, vegetable oils even the ones that are cold pressed like olive oil. I always had a lazy gallbladder and big issues with my digestion because of that. Once I removed animal product from my diet and vegetable oils, my bladder started to function normally and I only have good fats, like avocados, nuts and seeds in moderated amount. Whole plant based diet can help you very much, especially juicing vegetables for a period of time and intermitent fasting. You need to get rid of all toxins and go for a organic clean food that will provide you with energy and will help the body heal.

9. There are others here way more knowledgeable than I am about this equipment. We are battling Lyme as well. it's not late stage but I have already seen miracles and have completely turned my own situation around. if you can afford the phanotron plasma bulb I would highly recommend getting it.. what I do know is the power and influence of the mind over the body is the source of miracles. Expect miracles. The mind is your most powerful tool. All other tools compliment this master tool. I felt little to no hope from your words. If your days are limited here as all of ours are, acceptance and surrender frees the mind from circular thought and worry and the freed energy can be used for healing. Do not be shy to ask for support in the form of prayer. I will keep you in my own. First thing upon waking, and last thing before sleeping, for 3 weeks or 21 days spend A few minutes in silence, visualizing a radiant healthy body.. as you do this focus on pure gratitude for the miracles you'll receive. Our beliefs create our reality. You are loved beyond measure, allow the magnitude of that love to create the space for your healing. From this space, Rife is a tremendous tool.

10. I have not been where you are, but I was pretty bad with Lyme. I also have tried several of the things suggested here. All I know is for me if I did not move slow on ANYTHING- I would herx. This included earthing, ozone water, and even rifing. In fact, I was so scared to kill anything, I only did healing frequencies for the first 9 months. I started by typing in a symptom that I had. What was my biggest thing at that moment. Then I looked to see if there were PROV ones. Those are proven. If not, then I did CALF. If it was not one of those two, I did not do it. This was just me. No one mentioned this. I did everything by remote because I did not want to overwhelm my body. I only did gentle healing waves. Nothing harsh. The DW healing is a good one to start with. I know this is hard. I have been in my own lyme hole, but I have climbed out. I feel I am 90% in remission now after two years. I learned along the way that learning to listen to your gut instinct is crucial to healing. Your body knows what it needs. We just have to learn to listen. 

11. Try also mms (jim humble) and ozonated water. Besides spooky 2. And give a try to colloidal silver, oregano oil, olive leaf extract and some cloves of garlic a day. You should be able to kill it. To help cure the inflammation, drink ginger and curcumin.

12. Colloidal silver and food grade h202 asap. My opinion. And you can blast yourself with all kinds of healing frequencies on the device to help you after surgery and now. Rifing saved my ex boyfriends life for real.
13. You may want to read up on the Budwig diet. It started out as a cancer diet but has a way to help reduce inflammation of the liver. On yahoo, there is a Flaxseed Oil 2 form with lots of files. The group there is very helpful and may be able top tell you if it will help with your liver inflammation. Lots of great suggestions in the comments. The FOCC mixture helps give energy from the double pi bonds of the electrons if you have fatigue problems.

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