My husband has high thyroid levels (TSH-16), high enzymes in the liver, very low vitamin D3 and high sugar levels. Along with a complete digestive disorder with sever constipation. Should I run part biofeedback scans on him?

1. It sounds like the modality he is using is performing wonderfully. Choose Spooky programs to assist the entrainment of slow-functioning organs or to kill any pathogens that may be lurking is about the best information I can provide.

2. When my dog had high liver enzymes, my vet gave us no hope. I came home and rifed for 4-6 weeks these programs and it was absolutely amazing how he went from shaking in a ball to living life as if he were 3 years old again playing with toys. Spooky2 Frequency sets ran:
Detox 3 toxins in the kidneys and liver (prov)
Liver 1 (prov)
Liver 2 (prov)
Cell regeneration
Immune system stimulation 3 (prov)
Blood cleanser (prov)
Lymphs and detox (prov)
Oxygenate cells
I also gave him Milk Thistle a homeopathic remedy which helps the liver.

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