Can anyone recommend frequencies for systemic inflammation?

1. If scroll through the spooky forum. You will see some updates on this: The Spooky2 Forum:

2. Systemic inflammation is in the spooky2 database, and also doing a spooky2 biofeedback session may also be of help Spooky Pulse Biofeedback directions.

3. The M&L programs should run as setup, although if you add additional programs to the Preset, you should make sure the single-pass time does NOT exceed 4 hours AND add time to the total run time so the program runs through the same number of passes.

For instance, if you add Systemic Inflammation to the R02 Preset, it makes it 3 hours and 33 minutes, so this is OK.

The total run time was to be 96 hours. Divide that by the original run time of 3 hours, and there are 32 passes through the program. To get 32 passes through the 3 hour 33 minute program, it needs to run for 106 hours.

I hope this makes sense.

For more information please check this link:

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