How rife contact mode affects the nervous system? My son and I both have CRPS - chronic regional pain syndrome. It's a disruption of the the nervous system signaling. Are we putting electrical impulses in our body?

1. Contact does put electrical current into the body to kill pathogens or to do whatever else the frequency program does. It is quite possible that some nerves will respond more during this, or any other healing process, as there are multiple parts of the nerve that need to heal. Any area that is healing will be more sensitive, and nerves are no different - as well as taking longer to heal.

I would definitely be doing remote, at least as a support for the contact method.

There are programs in Spooky to assist nerve disorders, neuralgia, nerve pain and repair. I would set up one remote with up to 4 hours single-pass time of these programs that sound best and run them non-stop. I don't see any way this can harm... It may still hurt some, but from my perspective, healing nerves will hurt some. 

This may take some time because as far a I have read, nerves take longer to heal than any other systems in the body, but I am convinced that they can and do heal given the right help.

2. Morgellons Lyme Protocol_v3.pdf -

For more information please check this link:

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