Any suggestions on pancreatic cancer?

1. It probably means the root cause of cancer is not addressed. There can be much more to this, such as cancer viruses, pancreatic flukes or other parasites etc. It is hard to give advice not knowing the exact cause. Some people get success by doing biofeedback scans and then running those frequencies.

2. Whether it be the Cancer Protocol, or design your own, if it were me I would do more frequent, lengthy and intensive Plasma sessions to hit the frequencies identified in your Full System scan, backed up with 24/7 remote.

3. You need to investigate the Gerson Method and the Budwig protocol which has an 80% success rate and for god's sake get your body Alkaline Read The PH Miracle. You can beat this thing and continue to work Spooky2 and don’t panic.

Let’s not forget Organic coffee enemas as they will flush out your liver from the toxins as the tumors break down and your liver won’t be overwhelmed and go buy a spore-based pro-biotic that will reinforce your immune system.

The probiotic is more important than people realize and the latest research indicates 99% do not make it past the stomach acid. That’s why we need spore-based because 100% do survive.

4. Add every frequency set and method of detoxification available! Two of the most POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE 'cancer healers' (Dr. Gerson and Dr. William Donald Kelley - who cured his own pancreatic cancer as the basis for his protocol), proved that when they stopped multiple daily coffee enemas, the tumors started regrowing! Why? Dying/rotting cancer tumors are one of *the* most toxic things our bodies can experience (in fact, it is well known even in modern medicine, that there are certain cancers that cannot be killed too quickly, or the toxicity from the rotting tumor will kill the patient - it's called tumor lysis).

Our bodies are INCREDIBLY intelligent! They're not going to let us kill ourselves by killing cancer too quickly! Many great healers stated they *never* saw cancer, unless they saw liver compromise, so no matter where the tumors are, one can assume the body's ability to detoxify itself is *already* compromised. There are countless ways to *kill cancer*, but in order to do it safely (working *with* the body), we must be just as aggressive with detoxification as we are with "killing".

Seriously! 'Look at Gerson Therapy (one of THE most successful protocols in history). There is virtual *nothing* in his protocol (but a few drops of iodine) that directly kills cancer - just fantastic fuel (in the form of around 3/4 of gallon fresh juices daily, and foods that don't adversely affect the body), and multiple daily coffee enemas. The body CAN do the killing on it's own.

For more details, please check the link:

5. CBD products will help with the pain but smoking marijuana will help with appetite.

6. Taking electrolyzed alkaline water can improve the immune system and even cancer (Kangen).

7. FECO or Rick Simpson oil.

8. Perhaps just try small sips of cold-pressed juices and definitely celery juice in the meantime. Also, check out he is a Dr who cured himself and many others of pancreatic cancer. It includes lots and lots of digestive enzymes.

9. If had fibro or chronic fatigue beforehand very well might have XMRV virus which suppresses the immune system. I would run that first if so, contact mode with H bomb preset or Plasma touching her skin with GX offline preset. I suggest those because they for sure will get the frequencies correctly in without question. This article suggests H pylori as a possible large contributor in pancreatic cancer along with a few other bacteria. I would try to find these and run them, look for microbes in the DNA or BP database of Spooky2 software first as these are some of the most accurate and can deliver the quickest results.

Many viruses linked to cancer which is very accurate and these frequencies are known by many to be the most accurate in most cases.

10. Almost all cancer growth is increased in an acidic environment, rife and many credible big name doctors understand this. If she can drink it should be Alkaline water from a Kangen type water machine or at least some baking soda mixed in with cold water. Kangen is expensive but they are quality producing very alkaline charged water. Other than that Rick Simpson oil aka Phoenix Tears has put hundreds if not thousands into remission now, its whole cannabis extract that induces apoptosis in cancer cells. Normal cells will commit suicide ( apoptosis) if they grow out of control, cancer cells have this mechanism turned off. I see others have recommended these things also but I'm just confirming they can be very powerful if you could include them. On a spiritual side, there are a few people such as pastor Henry Wright from Georgia and Thurman Scrivner from Texas who have found a direct link of cancer and unforgiveness toward someone. I know Scrivner claims to have had over 100 cases of breast cancer alone healed in his church by mostly forgiving everyone from your heart, no holding little grudges or any form of bitterness. I believe searching your heart and applying forgiveness to everyone as Jesus required (Matthew 18:35 ) is the number one spiritual release to healing physically. Recently had a relative pass away of cancer so I understand its incredibly hard. Hope something here helps.

11. Did you try alternative treatments frequencies at the same time that specific cancer frequencies which are accorded with the diagnosis? You have reduction tumor and shrink tumor programs, you have essential oil: Ledum anti-tumor anti metastasis, frankincense anti metastasis and increase immune system, ravintsara ( natural chemo) and also bromelain, Laetrile vitamin B 17... for more detailed info about alternative treatments visit this site: From Ty Bollenger watch his movies and look at the treatments page.

12. You need to alkaline her body. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Cancer loves carbs and sugar - cut out both. Try to avoid Chemo - It can kill cancer but it kills more of the good bacteria as well and creates an acidic environment. Research the Gerson Institute and find out how to change her diet to an alkaline based diet. You should look into Kangen Water. It has the ability to create an alkaline body with every drink of water. I can help find someone who has a Kangen Ionizer in your area.

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